This evening Trailmen were given faith building opportunities that are applicable to this season of Christmas and giving. More opportunities exist and culminate in optional awards that can be earned and, depending on grade of your boy, could lend to advancement in other ways. For example, Mountain Lions’ Timberline Award has a faith building pre-requisite and Able Trailman or Horizon Award advancement requires an optional badges (the Bible basics badge is from the Values frontier).

You can find the entire Worthy Life Award attached here. This award is available to Trailmen who wish to earn it, but it requires some initiative. Just like the progressive nature of our troop structure, so are the requirements for this award. The older the boy, the more self-study or family-study is involved.

Troop Chaplain or Trail Guides are good points of contact for questions or consult the faith building options by patrol level here:

Walk Worthy!