The roster for the October 15th HTT to Randolph AFB is posted below; ensure you are on the list if you expect to be on the list. If your boy is a Hawk or Mt. Lion and you wish to attend, please reach out to Chris Vachon directly with Trailman name and birthdate, parent name, birthdate, and driver’s license number & state of issue (exception: military just provide names of attendees). Chris can be reached at (210)394-6196 or PLEASE ARRIVE AT THE VISITOR’S CENTER EARLY; WE WILL DEPART FOR THE 560 TRS AT 1830 (or 6:30 pm for you civilian types) AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COME BACK FOR LATE ARRIVALS. Requests to attend must be received NLT Noon on October 10th.

Meeting place:

Roster as of 10/9:

Ulrik Lipscomb
Octavian Orbe
Aiden Dobbins
Isaiah Peppin
Matthias Delaise
Thomas Garza
Jeremiah Erwin
Zechariah Erwin
Isaiah Martinez
Chase Martinez
Elijah Estep